BREAKING: Prop 64 major donor exempt from key regulations in marijuana legalization initiative

Press Release
No On 64 Campaign

Weedmaps – $1 million donor to Prop 64 campaign – would be allowed to circumvent regulations
(Sacramento) – Opponents of Proposition 64 released an official opinion from the Legislative Counsel Office which concludes that technology platforms, such as Weedmaps, are essentially exempt from any licensee regulations under Proposition 64. Weedmaps, which calls itself the Yelp of marijuana, would not be required to obtain a license under Prop 64.

Weedmaps has given almost $1 million to Prop 64 and their founder Justin Hartfield told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to be the “Phillip Morris of Marijuana.”

The opinion requested by State Senator Jim Nielsen and issued by the Office of Legislative Counsel, the nonpartisan public agency that drafts legislative proposals and prepares legal opinions, addressed two points:

1) That technology platforms, like Weedmaps, would not be required to obtain a license under Prop 64 because they would not be owned or controlled by a retail marijuana establishment nor would they transfer, sell or deliver marijuana products.

2) Because they would not be required to be a licensee under Prop 64, they would not fall under the advertising and marketing provisions set up under the initiative.

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