BREAKING: Prop 64 major donor exempt from key regulations in marijuana legalization initiative

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No On 64 Campaign

Weedmaps – $1 million donor to Prop 64 campaign – would be allowed to circumvent regulations
(Sacramento) – Opponents of Proposition 64 released an official opinion from the Legislative Counsel Office which concludes that technology platforms, such as Weedmaps, are essentially exempt from any licensee regulations under Proposition 64. Weedmaps, which calls itself the Yelp of marijuana, would not be required to obtain a license under Prop 64.

Weedmaps has given almost $1 million to Prop 64 and their founder Justin Hartfield told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to be the “Phillip Morris of Marijuana.”

The opinion requested by State Senator Jim Nielsen and issued by the Office of Legislative Counsel, the nonpartisan public agency that drafts legislative proposals and prepares legal opinions, addressed two points:

1) That technology platforms, like Weedmaps, would not be required to obtain a license under Prop 64 because they would not be owned or controlled by a retail marijuana establishment nor would they transfer, sell or deliver marijuana products.

2) Because they would not be required to be a licensee under Prop 64, they would not fall under the advertising and marketing provisions set up under the initiative.

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Would more teens smoke if recreational pot were legal?

KPCC Southern California Public Radio
By Rebecca Plevin

It’s illegal for teenagers to smoke marijuana, but 15-year-old Michael Esqueda of Brea says it’s all around him.

“I really just see it as whatever,” says Michael, who will be a junior at Whittier High School. “Like, not as a bad thing or a good thing. It’s there. I know a lot of people at my school that do it, there’s always that big group and you know, individuals.”

As Californians prepare to vote on Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, many are asking if teenagers’ pot use would increase if recreational marijuana were legal.

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Driving while stoned? California critics of pot initiative focus on impaired motorists Read more here:

The Sacramento Bee
By Christopher Cadelago

Opponents of the fall measure to legalize recreational marijuana for California adults argued Tuesday that broader marijuana use would endanger motorists.

Speaking to The Sacramento Bee editorial board, Doug Villars, president of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, criticized Proposition 64 for lacking an established standard such as what exists for alcohol. It’s illegal for those with 0.08 percent or more of alcohol in their blood to drive.

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Judge rules in favor of No On Prop 64 in ballot argument lawsuit

Marijuana legalization measure opens door for marijuana ads on broadcast television and children exposed to ads promoting gummy candy

SACRAMENTO, CA – Judge Chang ruled today in Sacramento Superior Court on a lawsuit brought by the backers of Prop 64 challenging several points made in the ballot arguments and rebuttal to Prop 64 – the marijuana legalization measure.

Her ruling was a resounding win for the No on Prop 64 campaign and a vindication of Senator Feinstein and supporters who charged that Prop 64 would, among other things, allow for marijuana smoking ads on broadcast television.

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No On Prop 64 statement on the Obama Administration decision to keep marijuana in schedule 1 while expanding research

“No On Prop 64 statement on the Obama Administration decision to keep marijuana in schedule 1 while expanding research

SACRAMENTO, CA – Wayne Johnson, Campaign Consultant to the NO on Proposition 64 campaign, released the following statement on the federal governments decision on marijuana:

“This decision is a stark contrast to the push by the big players in the marijuana industry who wrote Prop 64 and are now spending millions of dollars rushing this flawed measure to the ballot in order to capture the California market. A measure that would allow broadcast television advertising and the home delivery of marijuana products.”

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No on 64 Campaign Files Suit to Challenge Proponents’ Misleading Ballot Arguments

Proposition 64 explicitly legalizes marijuana ads on television

SACRAMENTO, CA – The NO on Proposition 64 campaign announced they have sued the initiative’s proponents over the claims they made in their ballot arguments and are vigorously defending the claim that marijuana advertising will be allowed under Proposition 64.

“Yes on Proposition 64 didn’t just get it wrong again, but they drafted a flawed measure that fails to address standards for driving while impaired while allowing for the television advertising of marijuana and the remote delivery of recreational marijuana any product, something that is illegal in both Washington and Colorado, said Wayne Johnson – Campaign Consultant for NO on Prop 64. “These are both carve-outs to the big business backers of Prop 64.”

The suit was filed in Superior Court and will be heard this Friday.

“The marijuana business folks behind Prop 64 need to come clean with the voters of California and stop pretending that this is about protecting children,” Johnson continued. “The goal is simple – allow the venture capitol firms lining up to make billions off the new marijuana gold rush to advertise on broadcast television and allow unregulated companies, who all want to be the Uber for Pot, to deliver any marijuana product anywhere as long as you can pay cash.”

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