California’s Minority Voters Reluctant To Support Recreational Marijuana Measure

KCBS San Francisco Bay Area
By Phil Matier

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Californians are just weeks away from a pivotal vote on the future of pot, but an exclusive new poll shows the cannabis race may be closer than anyone thought.

Voters approved medical marijuana use 20 years ago, now Prop 64 would legalize and tax the recreational use of marijuana. It’s one of the most controversial measures on California’s ballot this November.

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Latest Poll Shows Trouble for Prop 64 – Marijuana Measure

August 22, 2016
Contact: Andrew Acosta
(916) 505-3069

Voters show serious concerns over television ad language

SACRAMENTO, CA – A new poll on Proposition 64, the latest attempt at marijuana legalization, shows soft support of the measure and highlights how quickly support drops once voters hear just one fact — Proposition 64 will allow marijuana smoking ads in prime time, and on programs with millions of children and teenage viewers. The poll of 500 likely California voters was conducted August 17-19,2016, following a ruling by the Sacramento Superior Court that Proposition 64 opponents could include arguments outlining the possibility of television ads promoting marijuana smoking and edibles. First, voters were read a neutral description of the major provisions of Proposition 64.

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