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There are many medical organizations which support the use of marijuana for health purposes. This aims to ensure that there is improved health and safety to patients through the use of cannabis as medicine.

Health and science organizations have done extensive research to ensure that the use of cannabis has a positive impact on patients’ health. The issue of using marijuana as a medicine has stimulated debate from legislators and reformers indicating the use of alternative health solutions. Informed policy makers endorse the use of marijuana for health purposes as it improves the health status of the society.

Researchers have provided marijuana health endorsements as it has a chemical known as cannabinoids which can be used for medical purposes. The following are the use of using marijuana for health purposes; one is the use of marijuana to treat child epilepsy by regulating the pleasure thinking and memory of the child. Child epilepsy leads to violent actions thus needs to be controlled at an early age for normal living. Two is the use of marijuana to manage nausea and appetite by improving digestions functions of an individual. Three is where marijuana chemicals can kill some cancer cells and reduce the size of others to minimize the effect of the disease.

This makes it possible for an individual to handle the consequences of disease for an extended period through the use of cannabinoids chemical in marijuana as it stops the cancer cells from spreading. Four is the use of marijuana during and after pregnancy to handle nausea and pains. Lastly is the use of marijuana to treat glaucoma which is an eye condition which damages optic nerves by increasing the eyeball pressure. Marijuana can manage the pressure inside the eye for healthy living of an individual. Therefore, marijuana health endorsements have a positive impact on the health and safety development of the society.