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September 12, 2016





The California Association of Highway Patrolmen Reiterate Their Strong Opposition to Proposition 64


Sacramento, CA – The California Association of Highway Patrolmen – representing the 7,900 highway patrol officers who are the front line of defense against impaired drivers on our highways – released the following statement from Doug Villars, President of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen to clear up any confusion regarding their position on Prop 64:


“Recent numbers out of Colorado show that marijuana related traffic deaths have increased almost 50 percent since 2013 which is exactly why we strongly oppose Prop 64. For the proponents of Prop 64 to say that they worked with law enforcement to craft this measure is misleading and when you see Colorado law enforcement asking for a timeout to deal with the problems they are facing it should give us all pause on this important issue. We will continue to educate media, local and state leaders, but most importantly we tell California voters that Prop 64 did NOT get it right.”


Read the latest from Colorado here.




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