What Parents Should Know

Proponents sued to prevent voters from learning that Proposition 64 would, in effect, end a 45-year ban on smoking ads on television. On that point, and many others, they lost.

What follows is the final wording that the Sacramento Superior Court ordered to appear in the “Argument Against Proposition 64 “ in your California Voter Pamphlet – quote – “These marijuana smoking ads can appear during The Olympics, on The Voice, The Big Bang Theory, and hundreds of other programs popular with children and teen viewers. These marijuana smoking ads could be allowed on all broadcast primetime shows, and approximately 95 percent of all broadcast television programming. Children could be exposed to ads promoting marijuana gummy candy and brownies-the same products blamed for a spike in emergency room visits in Colorado.”

For the complete text of the arguments For and Against Proposition 64, click HERE.

Proposition 64 specifically overturns a current prohibition that keeps convicted heroin and meth felons out of the medical marijuana industry.  Proposition 64 rolls back this important consumer safeguard.

Incredibly, Proposition 64 also allows felons convicted of using children to deliver narcotics to apply for licensure to become recreational marijuana dealers.

  • The University of California, San Francisco and other healthcare leaders have pointed out that this initiative allows commercial marijuana advertising near community colleges, universities, parks, community centers and other locations that minors under 21 and families frequent.
  • Parkview Medical Center, Pueblo Colorado’s largest healthcare provider reported recently after the state legalized commercial marijuana “A 51 percent increase in the number of children 18 years and younger being treated in Parkview’s emergency room. Nearly half of the newborns born last month [March 2016] at St. Mary-Corwin’s neonatal intensive care unit who were drug tested due to suspected pre-natal exposure tested positive for marijuana.” (Press Release, April 27, 2016 Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo)
  • A federal study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of marijuana use conducted in all 50 states shows that Colorado youth now leads the nation in “past-month” marijuana usage. Colorado leads all states in regular marijuana use among youth. (Denver Post, December 17, 2015)